Personalized forecasting for Delaware and surrounding areas, including Eastern Maryland, Southern New Jersey and Southeastern Pennsylvania

With over 25 years of expertise and forecasting in the Mid-Atlantic region, we combine experience and scientific analysis to create forecasts tailored to your needs.

Weather information is everywhere – your evening newscast, in an email, or on a phone app. The amount of data can be overwhelming. However, not all forecasts are created equal, and we provide you with the ability to have your own personal meteorologist at your fingertips.  We provide accurate forecasting, catered to your specific business or event.  Whether you own a landscaping company, a business at the shore, wedding venue...the list is endless, and we have the forecast others simply cannot match.   Unlike many private weather companies that forecast nationwide, we are based in the Mid-Atlantic, and only forecast for the Mid-Atlantic, so we have a better understanding of weather forecasting for the area.  Chief Meteorologist Matt Powell can bring his years of broadcasting expertise to your newspaper, radio station or television station as well.

Contact us today.  We will be happy to discuss how our services can help you plan ahead.